The 46 reinforces the fundamentals that have made the brand a hedonist and generous sailing reference: freedom and audacity, gentle lifestyle and innovation, so many beliefs that are expressed in a style that Patrick le Quément has strengthened and harmonised through every new birth.


VPLP design’s office accomplished the perfect balance between the different living spaces.

The 46 combines modular front and aft cockpits, a complete cooking area at the back, a practical and safe access to the sea, still giving Nauta Design large volumes in the salon to fully express themselves.

With its double access, the Flybridge is dedicated both to manoeuvring and relaxing. The centred helm station offers protection and visibility. For even more comfort, different solar protections are possible: a folding cabriolet or a rigid Bimini.

On catamarans of this size, the dinghy hoist system is usually a simple offer. On this 46 it is possible to choose either a classic stainless steel davits or an electrical hydraulic platform. This last option offers an easier access to the water while offering a new living space at the back of the boat.

Length over all

13.99 m / 45’11”


7.96 m / 25’10”


1.3 m / 4’3”

Mast clearance

23.987 m / 78’8”

Light displacement (EEC)

16.6 t / 36,603 Lbs


Sail area

140.1 m² / 1,507 sq. ft.

Full-batten mainsail

87 m² / 936 sq. ft.

Square top mainsail (opt.)

89.6 m² / 965 sq. ft.

Engine (std)

2 x 45 à 2 x 57 CV CR / 2 x 45 to 2 x 57 HP CR

Fuel capacity

2 x 520 l / 2 x 137 US gal

Fresh water capacity

2 x 300 l / 2 x 79 US gal

No. Of berths

6 à 12 / 6 to 12

EC certification

A: 12, B: 14, C: 20, D: 30







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