Yacht charter in Azores:

For all those keen to experience a new bareboat yacht charter destination,
Azores archipelago in the Atlantic is one of the latest additions to our
boat rental offering. With privilege climate and sailing conditions, mild
or indeed very warm temperatures prevail in the period between March and
October every year. With Gulf Stream bringing warm weather and waters to
the islands, there are no major variations in air temperature throughout the
year. Average of 13-degrees Celsius (55F) during the winter months and
23-degrees Celsius (73F) in the summer make for an ideal yacht charter
sailing grounds. The water temperature remains between 18-24-degrees
Celsius throughout the year (64-75F) and only during the winter there tends
to be pro-longed bad weather periods and very wet days. Summers tend to be
predictable with stable weather and prolonged calm sailing conditions.

To charter a yacht in the Azores, both sailing resumee and ICC
(International Certificate of Competence) as well as a valid VHF radio
licence are required. A typical one week sailing itinerary will most likely
cover central islands around Island of Horta and will include Sao Jorge,
Faial, Pico, Graciosa and Terceira. Longer term charters of at least 2
weeks, can also include Eastern (Sao Miguel and Santa Maria) or Western
group of islands (Flores and Corvo). Whichever way you set sail, the
amazing beauty of these 9 volcanic islands will provide you with an
unforgettable yachting holiday experience which is likely to be offering
plenty of seclusion, freedom and space, all of which adds up not only to an
adventurous, but also a luxurious sailing holiday. For those requiring a
skipper, we can arrange an experienced professional based locally and a
suitable hostess or chef can be added to the cruise on request.

To book your bareboat or skippered yacht charter in the Azores, contact us

Name: Avanti
Year: 2016
Cabins: 3 Double
Berths: 6 + 2
Persons: 10


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