ABOUT CATANA 47 Carbon Infusion Bareboat Yacht Charter Sailing Catamaran:
The Catana 47 Carbon Infusion is a new model which embodies the values that made the reputation of the CATANA brand around the world: Comfort, Safety, Quality, Performance. The new 47 Carbon Infusion bareboat charter multihull will be worthy of its predecessor, the Catana 47 while still both yachts are available for bareboat charter holidays in many sailing destinations in the Caribbean or the MEDITERRANEAN.

”Sailing a catamaran is about comfortable sailing, which means no heeling or rolling. It is about pitching control and smooth passage in heavy seas. An excellent beam/length ratio and hulI inclination give a CATANA outstanding static and dynamic stability. The hulls are tilted outwards on a Catana, thus no more heeling. This feature is even enhanced on a CATANA.”

Type: Sailing Catamarans
Shipyard: Catana
Year built: 2013
Length: 14.02 meter
Beam: 7.6
Draft: 2.5
Double cabins: 4
Single cabins: 2
Toilets: 4
Guests sleeping: 10
Cruising speed: 7