About NEEL 45 TRIMARAN bareboat charters in the Mediterranean:

Two models of Neel 45 are based in Croatia at the moment; one in Istria and another one in Northern Dalmatia.  With 3 double cabins and 4 additional single berths they can accommodate up to 10 persons. Two heads and showers are available too and there is sufficient space on deck and in cockpit for up to 8 persons dining at the same time.  As one of the coolest sailboats in 2013 when it launched as the first model, this Joubert-Nivelt designed and Eric Bruneel built offshore racer provides an intirguing combination of sailing performance and comfort on board. 

Easy to sail shorthanded and offering racing yacht performance, she is light and nible, but stable even at crosswinds.  Built by such a sailing enthusiast who oversaw Fountain Pajor line up for decades while himself sailing a trimaran across the transatlantic, the NEEL 45 is indeed a very unique proposal. Seen as radical back in 2013, she is now almost mainstream with many owners going on a year long circumnavigation, crossing well over 200nm per day, or permanently make home on one of the models. 

The trimarans by Neel are known to have wheels as light as feather, sail controls readily at hand and emergency tiller or optional sail plans such as gennaker or self-tacking jib, making them easy to sail shorthanded. On top, living accommodation provides high headroom while engine room is easilly accessible and allows for all major systems to be serviced and inspected quickly. Add to this one engine set up which reduces the cost and weight and the fact all Neel catamarans look the part with their contemporary looks and you can see why they are increasing in popularity. 

We therefore invite you to consider chartering one of these yachts, in particular as new models coming out have more ergonomic layouts, higher quality finishing and even better sailing performance.  Should you want to charter the boat in South of France, rather than in Croatia you can consider one of the other models, namely NEEL 47 Trimaran or even the more exclusive NEEL 51.  In case you wish to owe and sail personally on one of these, we can also arrange both private purchase or a charter management deal placing your boat in a suitable fleet which woould enable you to reduce running costs.

To charter this NEEL 47 TRIMARAN (2019) in South of France, and for your next private yacht charter vacation in the in the Mediterranean or as it may be available in the Caribbean, on a lastminute basis this year or as an advance booking next year, please do get in touch by email, filling out the enquiry form, on WhatsApp, on our social media or by calling one of our numbers.



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