Bali 4.8 catamaran innovations

* Due to the use of high quality materials, BALI Cats have a great weight/sailing performance relationship, which again is emphasised by the design of the sleek underwater body of the boat
* The raised helm station and the social-friendly flybridge
* Filling the gap between established 4.5 and the sublime 5.4, the Bali 4.8 offers affordable luxury in a very seaworthy package
* The BALI 4.8 is not only seaworthy but thanks to a robust front deck it provides all BALI catamarans with more stability and protects against spray water while offering extra large sundeck combined with an overwhelming cockpit in the front
* The OPEN SPACE concept which unites cockpit and saloon, and can be closed with tilted glass door.
* Large sliding windows ensure circulation of air is continuous
* Best in range fuel, water and fridge/freezer capacities,
* The new integral aft platform for increased safety
* The Lasta Design interior combines clear and pure lines with modern and exclusive materials

Thus, with the OPEN SPACE design, above average sailing capabilities and
increased storage spaces as well as water and fuel tanks, the BALI 4.8 not
only successfully fills the gap between her smaller and bigger sister ships,
but also provides a serious challenge to 6-cabin catamarans such as LAGOON
50 or SABA 50. In order to benefit from best value, new boat and excellent
availability, we suggest early booking for your summer 2020 yacht charters
in the Mediterranean or Christmas and NEW YEAR charters in the Caribbean.


Bali 4.8 charter management and Yacht Ownership

And for all those keen to purchase a new BALI 4.8 we can assist with direct
private ownership through jumping the queu and taking one of the allocated
spots or allowing you to enter into a choice of charter management
programmes which can be compared to assist in the yacht ownership process.
In that case, you may also wish to consider the new BALI 4.8 owner version.

In this layout, the owner cabin can be constructed with a hull with 2 or 3
cabins (3 or 4 cabin version). At the same time you can also pick a 4- or
5-cabin version. For charter, the ideal layout is an already established
6-cabin version which also comes with 6 en-suite bathrooms. Although
subject to final checks, we expect that even the charter version may have
1.000 liter water tank and 615 liter.



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