If you have not been sailing in Dubrovnik, charter a yacht now!

For all those who are still contemplating first or another visit to the Adriatic, this is an invitation for you. Lastminute booking discounts are close to 50% for any sailing holidays booked during MAY or early JUNE 2018. As the number 1 tourist destination in Europe and until last year in the world as well, Dubrovnik deserves a special attention.

Picking up a charter yacht such as Hanse 445 in ACI Marina Komolac just 2nm North from Dubrovnik is where you charter vacation  would start. Easy to sail and manoeuvre, most spacious in her class and designed by award winning team, this German built monohull is a great yachtcharter deal. With 4 cabins suitable for up to 8 – 10 sailors, this is a great value charter boat.  Regardless if you are a student, young professional, a family or successful businessman, sailing vacation in South Adriatic around Dubrovnik is an amazing experience in Spring.  The water is warmer than almost anywhere in the MED, all facilities and services are open and service is at its best.  The crowds are still not here with all anchorages less than half ful and may bays remaining deserted, waiting for you to discover and enjoy them.  Get your friends and family organised and book a lastminute yacht charter in Croatia immediately.

Yachting lifestyle is an amazing one, but without a destination such as Dubrovnik it will never be a prime holiday choice.  Contact us at A2A YACHTING now and book a desired sailing or motor yacht today already.



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