Charity Giveaway worth at least 10,000 Eur - luxury crewed cat charter!

We are inviting bids for a charitable donation to sail on a luxury 56ft catamaran in the Caribbean:

Published by Eldin Basic on 1st March 2021

Following a cancellation of our own travel arrangements to this year’s Caribbean sailing on a luxury Lagoon 560 catamaran, run by a professional captain, creative chef and a professional hostess, we are inviting bids with ultimate aim to donate any proceeds to your chosen charity.  The yacht in question is a 2011 built, fully equipped Lagoon 560 currently cruising around Windward island of Martinique.  You will find 4-en suite luxury cabins with el. toilets on board, air condition, generator, water maker and many other features such as SUP's, fast tender and beach towels.  The sailing can take place this year on a lastminute basis or even next winter season with final week to be determined based on availability and your own preferences.  In theory, you could be sailing in the Caribbean for as little as 5,000 Eur on this boat, whereas normal charter rate is at least double the amount.  Imagine yourself and your loved ones cruising around islands such as St Barths, St Martin and Anguilla and instead of paying 15,000 Eur, enjoying the same for as little as 5,000 Eur while donating that same amount to your local charity !? Great value; we know and we are giving it away as we cannot make use of it in the next 12 months.

The usual charter rate for a weeks sailing on this crewed catamaran in the Caribbean is somewhere in the region from 15,000 - 25,000 US$'s.  We are hoping to raise up to 10,000 Eur at least yet smaller amounts will also be accepted. The yacht can be reserved by individuals and their families or by a group of friends. It may not be possible to reserve individual berths or cabins, unless at least 4 individuals come forward at the same time.  And in case you would prefer, we may even change the booking to a newer 2019 Lagoon 50 whereas for an additional premium we can also upgrade you to a completely NEW 2021 BALI 5.4 sailing cat, but subject to additional terms and conditions as well as a necessary fee.

How it works:

1. Contact us to make your bid for the whole boat ideally or for a single double en suite cabin
2. Your bid should be at least 1,000 Eur for the cabin or 5,000 Eur for the whole boat
3. Register your desired week, outside Christmas or NEW Year weeks as these are priced at the premium and cannot be auctioned off unless different minimum reservation price is paid ie. from 15,000 Eur onwards
4. Wait until we inform you about the results of the auction
5. Any winners will be informed by 1st October 2021 as we are leaving an extensive period to ensure enough bids are provided.

What you get:
1. If your bid wins (minimum shown above - no maximum), all proceeds up to 10,000 Eur will be donated to your chosen charity.
2. Any proceeds above this will be given to a different charity of our own choosing
3. Your desired week will be reserved in the relevant booking calendar
4. You will receive booking confirmation and boat and crew details

What you still need to pay for:
1. The reservation only covers use of boat, her facilities and crew service
2. All food, drinks, other provisions, flights, transfers, moorings, other boat costs, National Park or local cruising fees
3. Your own travel and cancellation insurance
4. Crew tips, although these are not obligatory
5. Possible ONE WAY charters if requested 

How to proceed:
1. Send us your email with your bid, name, address and phone number
2. We will contact you back with initial report and request to confirm what week would be of interest
3. We will keep your details on file until end of auction in October 2021 when winner will be published

We wish you a great end to the winter 2021 and hope that summer 2021 will be an amazing one.
If you wish to consider sailing this year, please contact us for a separate quote on your desired charter.
In theory, instead of paying more than 10,000 Eur for a week sailing in the Caribbean, this year on a lastminute basis or next year during your own preferred week and in a location of your choice (Grenadines, Martinique, St Lucia, Antigua, St Martin and BVI's are all possible, depending on location of the boat and availability), you could be having a relaxing and luxury catamaran sailing holiday for only 5,000 Eur with the same amount donated to your preferred charity.

Wishing you all the best and let's beat Pandemic together



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