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When it comes to lastminute yacht charter deals, most of the best deals can be found in places like Zadar region of Croatia or Athens in GREECE.  Sailing yacht charter deals in the Baltic Sea on the other hand are rarely discounted and if they are, the discounts tend to be minimum in comparison to other yachting destinations. With the season lasting only slightly more than a couple of months however, it is of no surprise to find prices in Sweden and around Stockholm archipelago to be at the higher end. At times however, getting a lastminute yacht hire deal is not impossible and this is in particular the case with smaller 2 or 3 cabin sailboats such as a Bavaria 35.

As one of the few 3 cabin sailing boats permanently based in one of the three Stockholm yachtcharter marinas, this Bavaria 35 cruiser is a great value sailboat.  Her three cabins are ideal for three couples or a small family keen on exploring more than 24,000 islands surrounding the Stockholm’s Lake Malaren and the further afield the Baltic sea.  As the Baltic Sea as a whole is a very unique and diverse yacht charter location, yet with limited duration of the summer, it is best to book your sailing vacation in advance and during the months of July and August.   Lastminute boat rental deals are however available and this is the case with the Bavaria 35 as well.  Given the limited duration of the yachting season here, it does make sense to book your yacht charter holiday well in advance however.  In July and August the water temperatures are warm enough for swimming and all of the local service for yachtees are open too. So why not plan to explore both the very vibrant and touristy Northern Stockholm archipelago or the Southern part including Gotland which is for most part secluded, isolated and peaceful by booking your yacht well in advance ?  Alternatively do contact us for best lastminute yacht charter deals in Sweden including all boats based in Western part of the country around Gothenburg.  



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