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Published by Eldin Basic on 4th February 2021

Based in a Naples marina, less than 30min from the International Airport, COCOBOLO is one of the few BALI 5.4 luxury sailing catamarans based in the Tyrrhenian Sea, near the famous Amalfi coast. Embark in the bustling town of Naples, the birthplace of great pizza.   Brimming with emotional lifestyle of Italian South Mediterranean culture and traditional harbour town vibes, here you can enjoy the true relaxed Italian way of life.  Before your sailing charter vacation in Italy, and only a short walk from the harbour you will be immersed in the unique atmosphere of Napolitanian way of living and can see the art and architecture including the impressive Duomo di San Gennaro as well as 13th Century Castel Nuovo.

On the next day, sail towards the secluded island of Ischia, known to be the place for famous mud bath treatments, rabbit specialities and being the Island of Eternal Youth. Created by enormous volcanic activity thousands of years ago, she is rich with mineral rich hot springs and natural thermal mud baths. Exclusive resorts with a number of high quality restaurants which allow anchoring just beneath their sprawling terraces are an amazing way to start your luxury catamaran charter and enjoy spectacular views of your anchored yacht and sea views around. Night life is also known to be great thus following a nice meal you can party at one of the local clubs too.  Ischia is the biggest island in the bay of Naples and as such is considered by those in the know to be the most beautiful, (though Capri is considerably more famous). Italians flock to the island for its volcanically-driven thermal spas and as well as its beaches and food. Called the "Green Island" by locals, Ischia has a hot and dry summer and mild winters along with a pronounced fertility which is a result of having almost entirely volcanic soil. These factors allow Mediterranean plants to thrive all over the island an sub-tropical and tropical species to successfully occupy niches in the warmest areas.

While there are plenty of options what to do on your 2nd day, it may be worthwhile visiting smaller island of Procida.  Named as the jewel of an island by some, the more traditional surroundings impress all visitors as the island has managed to preserve the old Italian charisma featuring in many Hollywood movies.  With a world famous fish market, provisioning with fresh fish and other ingredients is a must here. Many colourful pastel houses give you a reassurance that you are visiting a true Italian location.   This enchanting island, situated in a strategic position is easy to reach from every port of the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian sea. This isle measuring less than 4km2 is known as the girlfriend of the sea' and is the Italian island with the highest population density. Procida is connected to the small island of Vivara by a bridge. The built-up area centres around the islands very lively and busy harbour (Marina Grande and Sancio Cattolico) and at the foot of the hill where the first houses were built. Coricella is the main town on Procida. The sea wall protects the harbour from the south-easterly wind, the Scirocco. Its position is so favourable that even in the middle of winter the direct sun will produce temperatures characteristic of a lovely summer day.  Sailing into the main harbour or anchorages around, on a luxury BALI 5.4 sailing cat will be a great pleasure to anyone on board.

On day three you be able to experience the extraordinary beauty of Capri island.  Known as billionaires playground, visit to the Blue Grotto, the charming landscape (Faraglioni), and to enjoy the views of Anacapri, is a must. While Capri has some Roman ruins and an interesting monastery, its chief attraction is its famous Blue Grotto.  The following places are also worth a visit if time permits: Certosa of San Giacomo (XIVcentury),Palazzo Cerio (XV century), Villa of San Michele in Anacapri with a marvellous garden.

Fourth day is likely to command return to mainland Italy and in order to discover the naturally unique and wonderful town of Amalfi. Many say that nowhere do colours shine with such different, clear tones as here.. The Amalfi Coast has a mixture of history and nature, all to discover; from the Cathedral of Amalfi, to the villas in Ravello and the numerous churches built during the historical period of Amalfi's Republic. Still more to discover the Galli's Isles in front of Positano, the Emerald Grotta, near Conca dei Marini, but with only an overnight stay in the marina, all there is time for is good food and an evening exploring the town. You are likely to recognise the mountainous surroundings of Amalfi as images from postcards and other marketing materials, as this is the destination that has become synonym for Italian Mediterranean scenery. Amalfi is always buzzing with busy piazzas, romantic views and secluded beaches that attract many a famous person on a regular basis.

Your final few days are going to take you to a few more picturesque villages such as mesmerisingly beautiful Positano and culturally rich Sorrento.  Visit to Pompeii at the end of any sailing holiday in the area is also a must experience, although you can do it before the charter too. With a fully equipped luxury catamaran such as BALI 5.4 open space, your sailing experience in Italy will inevitably be an amazing one. We invite you to consider profiting from any special and advance booking discounts, while lockdowns in Italy and rest of Europe still command better value than what will be the case in the coming weeks. Once vaccination programmes have gathered pace and infections rates are considerably down, the number of enquiries and bookings will inevitably skyrocket, making the charter rates more expensive. 

To book your bareboat yacht charter in the West Mediterranean or in particular around the Amalfi coast in Italy, please do get in touch by filling out the enquiry form, by email, on WhatsApp or on social media.

Photos credit of Catana catamarans

This news relates to BALI 5.4 sailing cat available for charter out of Naples, Italy!

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