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Published by Sales Director Eldin Basic on 28th January 2021

If you are looking to buy a new luxury motor yacht; consider PUCCINI YACHT 78 FLY.  Available from 1,999 US$'s million, she can be commissioned with the 2x 900hp diesel engines at asking price, or with optional HYBRID or ELECTRIC ENGINES.  One of the best value luxury motor yachts on the market today with exceptional possibilities in terms of bespoke options, layouts, unique solutions.

For example, you can opt for 1 x vast master suite with a cinema room, 2x identical master suites or usual 3x cabin charter version.  For those who appreciate Chinese history or culture, the yacht can also be made in JING patterns, with ROYAL CHINESE CLOISONNE designs in the interior and exterior. You can see more on the 65ft example on here 

PUCCINI YACHTS are a relatively new yachting brand, having built large ships, ferries and other boats; while now developing high-end luxury motor yachts, designed by award winning French and Italian designers, and in one of their shipyards in China. The shipyard develops a range of motor boats, including an artistic fashion yacht brand and is the only manufacturer of JING style motor yachts which uses unique Chinese Art of Cloisonne.

Using the traditional art craft of the Royal Chinese Cloisonne Art, which is used for vessel decorations and both in the interior and the exterior, you can own only not only a luxury motor yacht (65ft, 78ft or 82ft) but a genuine masterpiece. You can fully customize your mega yacht with amazing cloisonne patterns and colours, with inherent artistic value from US$ 1,385 million for the 65ft (19,8m) model. The price of 78ft (23.9m) Puccini JING style motor yacht (Chinese Royal Cloisonne design) is from US$'s 1,999million. 
A2AYACHTING™ are exclusive dealer since 2019.

Puccini Yachts Experience to date:

The shipyard has already built a number of boats, including the 65ft JING series motor yacht which was launched in September 2020. Puccini Yachts build their boats from fibre reinforced glass (FBR) and their current innovative yacht designs meet all international standards, some of which have won prestigious awards such as the red dot, GCD China Good Design, Labarcasicura and other international design awards. In 2018, the Puccini Customisation Centre participated as a consultant for the Azimut 27m yacht project, covering the interior customization design and supervised the whole process.

At the same time, PCT participated in the upgrade for the Italian Centennial Rizzardi 90ft yacht upgrade programme too, which covered the appearance and the interior customisation design. The shipyard has also designs for other types of motor yachts, including a 40ft fishing boat and 40ft power catamaran. The regular luxury motor yachts start from 39ft and US$ 339,000 and go up to 110ft which starts from 7,5 million US$'s. The delivery times vary from 4 months for the smallest boat and up to 12-24 months for the JING style 82ft. The payment terms also vary and can be as low as 10% for the 110ft motor yacht or 40% for the JING models of Royal Chinese Cloisonné models.

Jing Series - Chinese Fashion Artistic Yachts:

A century old art craft, Chinese CLOISONNE has its birth place in Beijing. The shipyard owns a Cloisonne Museum in the region and is keen to welcome you as a visitor to both their museum as well as shipyard. The cloisonne is a royal Chinese art, famous for its elegant and magnificent shape, rich patterns and clear and solemn enamel colours. As a world-famous traditional handicraft, the art is appreciated worldwide with the artistic characteristics of the cloisonne craft summarized by the four characters of shape, grain, colour and light.

A beautiful cloisonne design luxury yacht will therefore have a good shape, a decorate pattern, gorgeous blue colour determined by carefully chosen materials and finally it will be finished in gloss and if required, gold plated. Thus, this collection of art, craft, sculpture, inlay, glass smelting, metallurgy and other professional technologies, all with a distinctive Chinese style and cultural connotation, will give you a very bespoke and unique yacht indeed.

With environmental protection & public welfare at its core, use of intelligent technology and precise manufacturing processes, the Puccini Yachts will achieve a quality product enabling you to enjoy high-end lifestyle and a fashionable as well as artistic yacht.

How to buy a PUCCINI YACHT:

Please Contact A2AYACHTING™ at or call/WhatsApp +44 (0) 779 205 2007 for a detailed quote and optional extras. The PY78FLY yacht offer fully bespoke interior options with unique solutions such owner version luxury motor yacht with 1 or 2 large superking size staterooms, instead of usual 3 cabin charter layout.

This news relates to PUCCINI 78 Fly to be delivered from Fujian Province / China!


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