Electric or HYBRID engines on a 40-48ft powercat from 530,000 Eur+!

You can now become an owner of a NEW to be commissioned 40 or 48ft powercatamaran with electric engines:

First in the world and the only one currently on offer*; Puccini Yacht 40ft Powercat can now be ordered with 2xdiesel and 2xelectric engines (HYBRID) or with 2x large ELECTRIC engines.  Private owners can now go into eco mode and enjoy their family time out with cost saving in mind.  On topt, this may in particular be of interest to established boating or yachting businesses who need a day boat for doing regular chores and where government may offer incentives to use such vessels.   Puccini Yacht 40ft Powercat can be built within a short period of time as 5 months under circumstances.

Puccini Yachts are a well established shipyard who built numerous passenger ships, ferries and other type of boats in the last 30 years. They are now moving into superyachts, luxury motor yachts and power catamarans or motor boats from 39-110ft in general.  One of their most popular design models are new power catamarans.  The PY40 powercat is for example offered with 2x320hp diesel engines from 628,000 US$'s, which provides cruising speed of around 18kn.  Total lenght of 12.2m, beam of 5.5m and design draght of only 0.6m make it an amazing value.  Add to this optional HYBRID or ELECTRIC engines set up and you have a world beating combination and probably what is today best value power catamaran on the market.

In case 40ft is too small for your requirements, there is also a 48ft-er which comes with 2x435hp diesel engines and is of 14.6m length, 6.5m beam and 0.66m design draft dimensions.  Providing a cruising speed of 20kn she can also be equipped with HYBRID or ELECTRIC ENGINES.  The price of PY48 Powercat starts from 777,999 US$'s and delivery of both powercats is assumed to be from 5-9 months depending on the final specifications.  Arranging Hybrid or ELECTRIC engines in particular may prolong this process for another few months.  This would be confirmed at the time of order and depending on how busy the shipyard would be by the time of the order. The biggest advantage of Puccini Yachts are full flexibility in terms of layout and specifications which can include choosing your type of engines, specific equipment or a layout that would include only one large master suite or a 4-cabin charter layout.

Away to you to enquire further and use the advantages of fast turnaround, great offers and numerous optional possibilities that exist at this moment in time.  All can change in the future, thus the opportunity to own a bespoke 40ft power catamaran with electric or hybrid engines is now!
*As far as we are aware!

This news refers to PUCCINI YACHT 40 Powercat built in Xiamen, Fujian Province China.
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