Spectacular sailing experience in Dalmatian islands on board of a stylish, fast cruising sailboat!

When it comes to a summer holiday in the Adriatic, nothing beats an adventurous sailing experience within the Dalmatian islands. In a relatively safe area, with easy, yet challenging sailing conditions, you can experience 500 different islands, islets and reefs. All set within 50nm radius, including three National Parks and two Nature Parks, you can sail from island to island, from a secluded bay to a secret anchorage, from one privately owned fish restaurant to another, from one heavenly beach to another and do so at your own leisure and pace. Sailing on board of a yacht such as Salona 44 or other similar boats, enhances this pleasure as you can be certain that the boat will pick up speed even in the light breeze, while at the same time still being able to enjoy comfortable accommodation down below. 

In order to experience the best of Mediterranean Lifestyles, fly to Zadar International airport, get a transfer to one of the nearby marinas, all less than an hour away and pick up your own ideal sailboat, than hit the open see and enjoy best of coastal cruising available across all of the Mediterranean.  The prices of food in local restaurants are cheaper than almost anywhere in central and western Europe, the nature and architecture include everything from spectacular and historic to manicured and modern, and a safe haven is never more than half an hour away.  So why not get a group together and imagine the experience of waking up every night in a different location, with a different panoramic view yet always the same feeling of freedom, fresh Mediterranean air and warm climate as that is simply the best feeling you can get. Charter your own boat in the Dalmatian region of Croatia and start enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle par excellence! 



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