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Yacht Charter and Sailing Holidays outlook post Covid-19 pandemic:

Published by Eldin Basic during Spring 2020

Yacht charter holidays may be on hold for some, but for a good number of us they still go ahead.  A number of sailing crews have sailed last year, throughout the Summer 2020 and during the Winter Season in the Caribbean too.  St Martin, St Barths and the Bahamas were for most part open and unaffected, although many other islands had numerous restrictions and quarantens in place.  However, due to unprecedented actions by governments across the world, travel to your preferred sailing grounds is likely to be still affected at this moment in time. In short-term, the situation is likely to get worse. By end of April and for start of the season in May we believe all will start to settle down well. Yachts remain available for booking in some destinations and we are open to assist in case you have already booked or indeed in case you wish to discuss your long term charters and sailing holidays in 2021 ...

Coronavirus and Yacht Charter:

Your questions, answered by our team

If you're thinking about booking a yacht charter later this year or for 2021, we are available and accessible for most part of the business hours. The Coronavirus may have left you with questions about cancellations, insurance, and safety as well as if you can fly out to the desired destinations indeed. Our team is here to answer all of your questions about yacht charters during the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

While the locations such as Spain and Italy are bearing the brunt of current scare, the Corona Virus is only starting to spread here in the UK or across the pond in the USA. Nevertheless, we've received lots of questions about chartering a yacht for summer 2020, with most starting with one of the following:

  • 1. Is it still safe to charter?"

  • 2. What happens if I have to cancel?

  • 3. Can I still book a yacht charter during the outbreak?

All your questions and concerns are fully understandable, and we ourselves have put on hold many of our own travels, events, sailing holidays and meetings. We are A2A YACHTING/ are hopeful the current climate and government actions will be co-ordinated, limited and everything will (have to) go back to normal within weeks and well before the Summer season in the Mediterranean. As a result we will be following media and governments updates across the world, to bring you a comprehensive overview of the developing Covid-19 situation and how it could affect your planned yacht charter.

For now, we assume it's important to get all the facts and make an informed choice.

Here's our COVID-19 FAQ.

Is it still safe to charter a yacht during the Coronavirus outbreak?

As you are aware, there are always risks with any travel, especially flying or indeed driving in a foreign country. Spending longer term on board of a well equipoped yacht on the other hand, can be both rewarding and safer and for a number of reasons.

A). Limited exposure to other people and self sufficiency

By sailing on your own yacht, you don't have to interact with other members of the public. If you're concerned about air travel, for those renting a superyacht, maybe you can also consider a chartered flight. For others who may not be able to afford it or for other reasons cannot consider it, we can double check if an alternative option exists before booking. Most importantly, once on board, the flexibility of a chartered yacht itinerary means you can choose where you want to go; and by simply avoiding crowded areas on land and anchoring or mooring in well known, but safe and peaceful spots like hiden beaches and protected coves can be the way to go. With the exception of refuelling, waste disposal or adverse weather, you will not have a specific need to call at any port as the crew would prepare the yacht and provisions for longer term cruising. You can therfore concentrate on your own private BBQ parties or in terms of superyachts, enjoy five-star dining, playing with water toys and enjoying all of the yacht's facilities.

B). A clean and hygienic environment

Every boat, especially luxury yachts, are cleaned for hours each day before your arrival and in case of superyachts, even every day by the crew on board. The boats are made sterile before you go on board and are kept in that condition on a luxury crewed charter at all times and to the highest and most hygienic standard.

C). Crew on board and lower risk

Every charter yacht comes without crew or with a limited number of crew members. This means it is much easier to keep track of potential exposure to the COVID-9 virus. Most crew are also professionaly vetted and have responsibility to report any problems in advance, and while they will live on board on board with you, they will also be limiting their contact with members of the public. Crews and crew recruitment firms are being extra vigilant at the moment, and will not be prepared to take any risks when it comes to potential cases of COVID-19.

What are the contract terms in terms of cancellatioin due to COVID-19?

A). The owners and yacht management companies are adding clauses to the contracts which will account for any cancellation that occurs as a result of the Corona Virus. In general, these clauses are designed to allow both parties to cancel without any major charges.

B). While it is still early days, we expect all boat owners and management companies to apply this rule, but nevertheless we would only book yachts that provide such addendumes or clauses. Most importantly, these new clausesare designed to consider developing situation fully and will give you peace of mind when booking. Finally, with many insurance brokers now offering special coverage for Coronavirus and yacht charter, you can also consider a private travel insurance. Most importantly, the whole of the yachting industry wants to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved parties and keep any type of yachts as little havens on the water that they are, providing maximum flexibility to the charter guests.

What happens if I need to cancel my charter because of the COVID-19?

A). In most cases, re-booking for different dates is freely available. There may be surchage for booking periods that are more expensive, but on a boat by boat and fleet by fleet basis once can discuss all available options before making the best decision. Everyone is keeping a close eye on the situation as it evolves, and cases are treated on an individual basis.

B). In all cases, looking for amenable solutions is the way forward as that’s the only way to ensure everyone is satisfied with the decision and in case that you do indeed need to cancel as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Where should I charter a superyacht?

Most importantly, chartering a yacht is a totally different concept to other types of holidays, thus many destiations, as long as you can get to local airports may be suitable in some cases. In other words, even by visiting a country currently in lockdown, you may be able to enjoy all of the hot sports as you normally would, but you may want to alter your itinerary to avoid the more crowded areas. In theory this means that Italians could potentially avoid Northern Italy lockdown by sailing in Sardinia although it may be difficult for a German or US client to visit the area. On the other hand, the situation is also developing and everything can change quickly, for better or for worse.

At this moment in time, Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearics, the Adriatic and Greece are expected to be popular hotspots this summer. Some yachts are also available in Albania with optional itinerary in Greek Ionian or Montenegro and Croatia. Away from the Mediterranean, the situation may be more complex, yet we will be able to advise on a case by case basis.

For more information, keep an eye on the individual travel information for your chosen destination and get in touch with your preferred yacht charter broker for further advice and guidance.

In case you are interested in chartering one of these or similar yachts or wish to consider purchasing one of the models which are offered for sale, do let us know by filling out the CHARTER REQUEST FORM or send us an email to now.


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