Marmaris Yacht Charter

About yacht charter in Turkey and Marmaris:
The amazing Turkish Aegean coast and the friendliness of local people, regardless if you have been here or not, are likely to impress you.   On a typical sailing itinerary you are likely to discover many anchorages, ancient cities, theatres and ruins, as well as secluded swimming bays and other hidden pleasures. Thanks to lack of almost any heavy industry here, the natural environment remains untouched and is full of diversity, making it a perfect ground for sailors.  This is especially true in terms  of Lycian coastline. With this in mind, you can relax and devote your time to sailing, swimming, snorkelling and enjoying the surroundings that are likely to make your sailing holiday a wonderful experience.


About Marmaris:
Marmaris is located in a wonderful location at the top head of a marvelous land-locked bay. Apart from being a major sailing and yachting centre, it is also a major resort town with countless restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.  The water in most parts surrounding the region is very clear and perfect for snorkelling. In most of the smaller bays which have restaurants run by the locals, rickety old jetty’s are built to offer mooring to the passing yachts.

The supermarket in the Marina is no dearer than other shops although the range of goods on offer is not that great. There are two provision stores just over the bridge on leaving the marina, both of which deliver to your yacht at the marina without charge. (You hitch a ride on the back of their scooter!) The best chandlery is also just over the bridge on the right. You can also sometimes buy fresh fish there too.

There is a large number of restaurants in the area and most are within walking distance.  You can head to Neighbours or Caria both of which are nearby the bridge as you leave the marina towards Marmaris Town.   Another two are La Campana, on the first floor of the building on the left just as you are leaving the marina or Pineapple restaurant.

Weather & Sailing Conditions:
During the peak of charter season, between June and September, for most of the time the skies are blue and the waters are warm. In midsummer, boating enthusiasts are best placed to enjoy glorious sunsets and long evenings or parties on deck, while gentle breeze is likely to refresh your  mind for good. The Lycian Coast of Turkey boasts superb sailing conditions with calm waters and favorable westerly winds blowing at about 15 knots. June, July and August are of course the hottest months. May and September are slightly cooler and quieter and April and October still offering 8 to 9 hours of sunshine a day, with the opportunity for walking and exploring as well as cruising.  In some locations such as at the exit of Marmaris Bay the waters can be choppy and at times outright dangerous so do pay attention even by good weather.

Infrastructure: Thanks to this fabulous and stunning coastline, which is dotted with hundred of coves and bays, and endless historical heritage and culture to explore, Turkey has an undeniable charm and intrigue.  On top of that sailors will find clean and well equipped marinas with supermarkets usually close by.  Numerous jetty’s and anchorages exist as well.  Replacement parts and yachts are readily available and base managers act promptly when there is a problem.  If you wish to visit Greek Islands though, you need to be aware of additional costs as well as the issue with Turkish staff visiting Greece and requiring a Visa.

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