Malaysia Langkawi Yacht Charter

Charter Destinations in the Malaysia:

A2A Yachting offers around 150 sailing yachts and a small number of catamarans as well as a limited number of motor boats and crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Langkawi region of Malaysia in Andaman Sea.


About Langkawi:
Almost 100 islands and islets grouped around the main island of Langkawi, off the north-west coast of Malaysia make up Langkawi Archipelago.  This is a natural paradise, unique in not only in South-East Asia but worldwide.  Thanks to its geological history dating back more than half a billion years. officials at UNESCO declared Langkawi in 2007.

During your charter, you will discover many locations  with a unique surroundings. From mangrove swamps to fabulous beaches, surrounded by warm, emerald-green waters all the year round.  The nature here is incredible, especially the birds. You only need to throw a bit off your lunch into the air to view a sea eagle diving onto it.

Impressive, and fabulous experience!!
Butang islet, Ko Rawi, Ko Adang, Kilim Natural Park are some of the few locations you will be calling in when heading to Langkawi.

Weather conditions in Langkawi, Malaysia:
Malaysia is a true paradise for sailors. Warm climate all the year round, offers two distinct periods:
1. The North-Easterly monsoon (winter monsoon): It dominates from November to February, and brings rain to the East coast of the peninsula and to the coastal regions of Sabah and Sarawak. It also waters the centre and the west coast, but in a less abundant way.
2. The South-Westerly monsoon (summer monsoon): It dominates from August to November, and sweeps the West coast offering less rain then the winter monsoon on the East coast. The ideal thing is to sail at Langkawi between November and April, as the prevailing North-East winds (bet-ween 5 – 20 knots), are more favourable.

Cruising ground: Romantic anchorages can be found here everywhere.  Beaches are usually sprayed with white sand, and swimming and snorkelling while surrounded by friendly fish is possible almost everywhere.  Distances between anchorages are very small which is encouraging you to discover new islands and islets. In these conditions, it is impossible not to find the anchorage or the island of your dreams almost on a daily basis.

If you want to go to Malaysia between May and October, you can also sail on the South-East coast at Tioman. This is also an exceptional destination for those seeking isolation, relaxation, peace and tranquillity.

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