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Long Term Yacht Charter

Sail across the countries in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean on board of your own charter yacht!

Staying at home or going on a SeaAbbatical, long term yacht charter vacation !?
There is a time when we are faced with a choice. In fact, this happens all the time, every day, many times a day. Most of the time this decision making is simply about the type of food we will have or how will the late afternoon be spent; coffee at the nearby bar (only in case its sunny and terrace is open) or at home watching a game show or a news update.

Long Term Yacht Charter

When it comes to yacht charter holidays, the decision making is at times much more complex. Do you go for a weeks sailing or should it be two weeks. Ideally, 10 day charter is what serious yacht charterers will always consider. However, at times this process is not so simple. What if you would like to consider taking the whole summer off and sailing across the Mediterranean on a long term yacht charter basis ? It certainly isn’t for everyone and its even more certain that not many will attempt to do it.

Examples of already arranged long term yacht charter holidays:

We have already arranged a high number of longer term charters, both in the Mediterranean as well as in the Caribbean. One of the most interesting is certainly a 5 week ONE WAY yacht charter on a new Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran, starting out of San Antonio in Ibiza and ending in Palma de Mallorca, after a long term circumnavigations of the whole of Balearics, including island of Formentera, Island of Menorca as well as aforementioned Ibiza and Mallorca.

On another occasion we have arranged a long term charter starting out in UNESCO protected old town of Trogir and lasting another 5 weeks with the clients sailing all the way down to Montenegro, across South Dalmatia and on a new Hanse 445. One other client also sailed in the Croatian Adriatic, but started out of Northern Istrian town of Pula and sailed all the way to Dubrovnik in 4 weeks this time. A genuine long term charter is however in a totally different league.

One way yacht charter client sailed from Anse Marcel in Saint Martin down South all the way to Blue Lagoon in St Vincent, visiting Antigua, St Barths, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Lucia, the Grenadines and St Vincent itself, all within an 8 week yacht charter vacation on board of a fast cruising Catana 50 Carbon Infusion. Apart from this type of long term yacht charter holiday, we also arrange ONE WAY yacht charters with most famous being Atlantic Crossing, starting either in Turkey, Croatia or France and ending in St Martin, BVI’s or St Lucia, or shorter term one way yachtcharters between the Balearics and the Canaries. Namely, every April you can sail from Tenerife or Gran Canaria towards Mallorca and every October you can sail from Mallorca towards Tenerife or Gran Canaria indeed. These last between 2-3 weeks only and cost anywhere between 2,000 – 5,000 Eur maximum. On some occasions you can also sail from the Canaries all the way to Baltic Sea, yet these options are very rare and not offered on a regular basis. Going back to longer term yacht charter holidays, there is one more example to be shown. Finally, one other client chartered a Lagoon 400, all the way from Turkey, across the Aegean, Greek Islands, even crossing the parts of Southern Adriatic, Tyrrhenian Sea and ending their family yacht charter holiday in South of France. The whole yacht charter adventure lasted full 5 months, it was priced as near as makes no difference, close to 100,000 Eur and provided the family of 5 with unforgettable sailing experiences.

Finalise your long term yacht charter vacation:

If you are planning to charter a yacht these days and are keen to discuss any type of longer term or maybe one way yacht charter, this is your chance. Contact us here at A2A YACHTING and let us know what your planned or envisaged idea is. We will then try and source out the most suitable charter yacht. And we will get you there, even if it means buying one under pre-set terms whereby the resale price is set in advance.


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