A2A Yachting Yacht Charter Croatia provides crewed,  skippered, bareboat and corporate yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing and motor boats as well as gullets.
Yachts are available across the Adriatic coast including Istria, Kvarner, North and South Dalmatia and Dubrovnik.A2A Yachting offers around 750 bareboat sailing yachts, 140 catamarans, 90 motor boats and an increasing number of crewed sailing, gulets or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in many destinations across Croatia and Dalmatia.


Yacht Charter in Croatia and Adriatic Sea:
Adriatic and for most part Croatia are the top sailing yacht charter destination in the world.  Tens of thousands of sailors and cruisers flock to the country every year starting from around April and May for some challenging sailing adventures or in June, July, August and September for the proper summer yachting holidays.  There are hundreds of islands and many tourist resorts, and sailing amongst the crowds as well as in many secluded areas just around the corner is an absolute pleasure that many do on a regular basis and many dream about. We can offer bareboat and luxury crewed yacht charters in Croatia along the Adriatic coastline and from around 32 different yachting destinations and private marinas. ONE WAY charters, in particular between Dubrovnik and Split, gullet cruises and 10 Day Charter are some of the most popular options.  We also specialise in Long Term Yacht Charter deals, with optional one ways towards Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Turkey and on occasion also to Canaries and across the Atlantic.

Yacht charter destinations in Croatia are:
1. South Dalmatia including Dubrovnik, Elafiti, Island of Mljet where those who are keen on luxury yachting holidays are best served.
2. Middle Dalmatia including Split, Trogir, Island of Hvar where both bareboat yacht charters and luxury motor yacht hire are equally popular. Most of gullets and motor sailors offer embarkation in one of the marinas here.
3. North Dalmatia including Kornati, Sibenik, Zadar, Sukosan is where huge majority of bareboat fleets are based; in particular sailing clubs and fleets of a large number of similar boats can be found.
4. Kvarner – North Croatia including Opatija, Island of Krk is ideal for bareboat motor yacht cruises, although a good number of sailing charter fleets are based here too.
5. Istria – North Croatia including Rovinj, Pula, Pomer, is ideal off season location due to its rich culture and closeness to Western Europe.  Both bareboat motor yacht and sailing boat fleets are located here in large numbers.


A2A Yachting – Thailand Yacht Charter provides Bareboat, Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charters on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing and motor boats. Yachts are available mainly in Phuket region, although a smaller selection can be offered on other islands too.
One way charter to or from Langkawi is the top recommendation.

A2A Yachting offers around 25 sailing yachts, 10 catamarans, 12 motor boats and a small number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Thailand with one way charter options to Langkawi offered as well.

About yacht charter in Thailand:

Thailand is certainly one of the more popular yacht charter destinations in the South East Asia and the Indian Ocean. Most of the yacht charters are organised in Phuket in the Andaman Sea.  This wonderful nature park is full of pristine sandy beaches, clear sea waters, numerous islands and lovely rain forests.  Some yachts are also available in Kho Samui and the best itinerary recommendation is certainly one way charter to or from Langkawi in Malaysia.  A typical itinerary will include Mergui Archipelago, Andaman Islands, Phi Phi island, numerous bays of the neighbouring Phang Nga Bay and in some cases even the Similans.  Swimming, Diving, snorkelling, fantastic dining and relaxing is likely to be on the programme every day.  Apart from the magical Phang Nga Bay you would also not want to miss out on the stunning Koh Hong archipelago with many private beaches and panoramic views, Koh Poda and Koh Kai where low tide allows you to walk from one to the other island, and one of the three most beautiful islands in the world, the Koh Pee-Pee with lovely Maya Bay beach and numerous other stunningly beautiful locations such as Krabi Island.  For full details, a specific itinerary and your own personalised yacht charter quote, please enquire.

Quick Overview for yacht charter holiday makers in Thailand:
– Spectacular landscape, in particular Phangna Bay limestones
– Perfect for swimming, snorkelling and even diving, in particular in Ko Phi Phi, Ko Racha etc.
– Parties in the South Bays
– Great Buddhist Temples
– Waterfalls, Trekking, Great Animals such as giant lizzards and elephants

Best time to hire a sailing or power boat:
In terms of climate, one should avoid months from June to October as it is the time of South West Monsoon with humid and rainy conditions. If you are knowledgable with tides (up to 3.5m swells) and can cope with lots of rain and winds up to 30kn, all adding up to difficult sailing conditions, than you can make serious savings on regular yacht charter rates.
You should plan to sail between October and May, maybe avoiding the very expensive period around the New Year.  This is the time of North East monsoon which provides for dry and sunny conditions with NE winds of between 5-20kn occuring daily.

Other useful info for yacht charter guests:
– There are no major VISA requirements for stay under 30 days (please check with your Embassy!)
– Longer stays may require you to apply for a suitable VISA at a local Thai Embassy
– Currency is THAI BAHT which is usually around 40 to 1 Eur or 30 to 1 with US$’s.
– Credit Cards are only accepted in big establishments, ATM’s only on mainland, rarely if at all on islands

A country with very friendly people.  Avoid any drug use even if permitted in your own country
Main religion is Buddhism with Islam being mainly practiced in the Southern regions of the country
Decent clothes are required in smaller villages and making friends with locals can increase your experience during holidays.

Please ensure you check with your GP or personal doctor if you require any vaccination before booking your yacht charter holiday.  Dinghy fever is known to exist in the country and jungle excursions are only to be taken in an organised manner due to dangerous spiders, scorpions and snakes.  TAP WATER should NOT BE USED for drinking.  If you are sensitive about food and spicy is not your cup of tea, prepare in advance for your own diet. The food is otherwise healthy and recommendable.

The current yacht charter destinations in Thailand are:
1. Phuket
2. Kho Samui
3. One way charter to or from Langkawi


A2A Yachting – Seychelles Yacht Charter provides Bareboat, Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing yachts. Yachts are available either on the inner island of Mahe or Praslin and one way or outright charter from Les Amirantes or under circumstances even Aldabra can also be arranged.

A2A Yachting offers around 250 sailing yachts, 50 catamarans, and a small number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Seychelles inner or outer islands.

About Seychelles:

The absolute top yacht charter destination in the Indian Ocean can be found in Seychelles.  The 115 islands of this heavenly archipelago are very exclusive and an absolute yachting paradise.  The islands are mainly outside the dangerous waters and year round temperatures are rarely below 25 degrees Centigrade. The main island of Mahe or neighbouring Praslin are the locations where your Seychelles sailing itinerary would normally start.  On special request, one way charter to Les Amirantes is available too.  This is mainly offered on larger crewed yachts which may also have a diving instructor on board.
Contact us now for your own paradise quote and start making the dreams a reality.

In the Seychelles Ocean, current destinations are:
1. Mahe
2. Praslin
3. Les Amirantes
4. Aldabra


A2A Yachting – Maldives Yacht Charter provides Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, and  mega yachts. Yachts are available mainly out of main Island Mauritius.  A small selection of yachts may also be offered on the neighbouring REUNION island, on request only.

A2A yachting offers around 2 sailing yachts, 5 catamarans, 2 motor boats and a small number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Mauritius. 

About Yacht charter in Mauritius:

Mauritius is another paradise in the Indian Ocean.
Surrounded by unique indigo-coloured waters, the Republic of Mauritius could rightly be called the melting pot of the southern Indian Ocean. Not only is this island nation an enchanting place to sail, it has a rich and sometimes surprising history. Mauritius lies approximately 560 nm East of Madagascar and the republic is part of the Mascarene Islands and includes its twin island, Reunion as well as Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and Agalega Islands.

The local Yacht Charter’s base is located in the capital Port Lous, at the Le Caudan Waterfront. The waterfront is known for its fine shopping, fun nightlife, live music, and terrific food. Mauritian’s trace their roots to many different lands, and this diversity is delightfully showcased in the Island’s cuisine. There are Indians, Tamils; Creoles from Malagasy and African origins, families who came from the Far East; as well as Franco and Anglo-Mauritians. Phoenician, Arab and Malay sailors knew about the island as early as the 10th century, although the first reported European visitors were Portuguese in 1507. A Dutch fleet landed on the island in 1598, and named it in honour of Prince Maurice of Nassau. France took control of the island in 1715, but lost it to England during the Napoleonic Wars in 1810. Mauritius became an independent nation in 1968, and a republic in 1992.

Mauritius is notable for a number of reasons; not least of which is that it is the only known habitat for a large, flightless relative of pigeons—the dodo. Hunting and the introduction of predators drove dodoes to extinction by the end of the 17th century, however. In 1812, the Mauritius Turf Club founded the Champ de Mars racecourse in Port Louis. Champ de Mars was the first thoroughbred race course in the Southern Hemisphere, and is one of the oldest in the world.

Most of the recent development on Mauritius has occurred in the north, but there is an abundance of activities and sites of interest to sailors, including a red-roofed church that overlooks the lagoon at Cap Malheureux. There are several exciting scuba diving sites in this region including Gunner’s Coin, Whale Rock and Holt’s Rocks.

In addition, there is a group of small islands off the north coast that are favoured by sailors and divers because of their crystalline waters and opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and picnicking. Round Island and Ile aux Serpents further to the north are nature reserves under conservation management to protect native species of palms and reptiles. Permits, which are available locally, are required to visit these sites.

Eastern Mauritius features a coastline with some of the island’s best white-sand beaches, including Belle Mare. Sailors will delight in secluded coves and bright green lagoons, and appreciate the slow pace of life. Captivating villages dot the landscape between the mountains and the sea. Visit the open-air markets in the village of Flacq, and remember that bartering is how business is done here.

An entirely different landscape unfolds in the south. Beaches give way to dramatic high cliffs; the protective coral reef disappears and the Indian Ocean rolls ceaselessly against the shoreline. For a sense of what 16th century explorers might have found when they first made landfall here, we recommend a visit to the Île aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve. Here, the remnants of the island’s original flora and fauna can be found. These include ebony forests, endangered birds and reptiles, rare orchids and pink pigeons.

Continuing west around the island in the direction of Île aux Benitiers, sailors might encounter dolphins in Tamarin Bay or Flic en Flac. Dolphins use these protected waters to breed and rest. In the hills around Chamarel is a rum distillery that bears the name of the village. This is an opportunity to learn about sugar cultivation on the island and about the production of rum. What sailor could resist a free taste? On this side of the island, visitors will also see the peak of the Le Morne peninsula which rises more than 589 meters (1,800 feet) above the sea. Le Morne is listed as a World Heritage Site, because it is where runaway slaves sought refuge before slavery was abolished in the mid-1800s.

It is hard not to be completely captivated by Mauritius with its cultural diversity, rich, chequered historical past and wonderful sailing opportunities.


A2A Yachting – Maldives Yacht Charter provides  Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, and  mega yachts. Yachts are available across the Maldives, but mainly out of main Island Male. A small selection may also be available in other Atolls or Islands, but only on request.

About Yacht charter in Maldives:

Maldives archipelago are a genuine geological marvel which attracts yacht charter clients for many years now.  Stretching across the Indian Ocean at the Equator as a magnificent strand of rare pearls, this island nation is comprised almost 1200 small coral islands, grouped in 26 atolls that extend North to South for approximately 550 nm. The Maldives are lying lowest of all countries in the world, the average above sea level height  is between one to three meters only ( appx. three to six feet). Maldivians trace their roots to several different cultures including South and Southeast Asians, Africans, and Arabians and this cultural diversity can be seen in everything from music to boat building. Music is frequently played with a local bodu-beru, or big drum, that is quite similar to African drumming. And the Maldivian dhoni, a sailboat built locally by skilled craftsmen, is strikingly similar to a dhow, the traditional Arabian sailing vessel.

The yacht charters in the Maldives start out of the main island of Male’, which is the perfect spot to begin a sailing tour of this remarkable country. If your definition of paradise is a lifestyle stripped to the basic essentials such as when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, where the toughest question to answer is if the beach now astern is more beautiful than the one ahead, one word will suffice in describing the Maldives. Perfection.

The available sailing catamarans between 56-60′ and professional crew on board will show you the itineraries which will introduce you to astonishingly lovely white powder sand beaches on one island after another. Some feature local fishing villages you can tour, others are home to elegant resorts with facilities our charterers are welcome to use, and many are uninhabited. The snorkelling and diving, shelling and abundance of marine life are all beyond compare in water the temperature of a relaxing bath.


About Malaysia, Tioman region:

Tioman is on the South-East coast of Malaysia and suitable for yacht charters in summer season when Langkawi archipelago, off the North-West coast of Malaysia, is in wet season. The boats are based in Tekek Bay on Tioman island, in Tekek Harbour Marina.

ACCESS by AIR:  The Berjaya Air operates daily direct flights from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.  The usual
travel time is around 45min.
ACCESS by BOAT:  From Tanjung Gemok in Pahang and Mersing in Johor, ca. 90min.  Or 4h ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore.

A visa may not be required for a stay of less than three months, but your passport must be valid for six months after your return. Check with your local embassy or consulate for information relating to your nationality before purchasing tickets however.

CLIMATE: Malaysia has a distinct equatorial climate with various maritime influences.  The area has two monsoon periods as a result of which there is no real dry season. It is summer, hot and wet virtually all the year round. On
the other hand, the water is at an almost constant temperature, between 26 and 29°C.   

HEALTH: Malaysia is a country which is quite safe from a health point of view. Beware of sunburn and particularly mosquitoes. There are no major problems with malaria, as the occurrence of it is limited to a few remote inland areas.


A2A Yachting – Malaysia Yacht Charter provides Bareboat, Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, sailing and motor boats and luxury crewed yachts. Yachts are available in the Langkawi archipelago and in Tioman on the South East coast of the country.  One way yacht charter to or from  Phuket in Thailand is also offered.

About Malaysia, Langkawi and Tioman yacht charter:

LOCATION: Langkawi
 is situated off the North-West coast of Malaysia. Tioman is on the South-East coast.

ACCESS: Langkawi international airport at Kuah Town. To get there, you must stop over at Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Flights by Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia are readily available. 

FORMALITIES: A visa is not required for a stay of less than three months, but your passport must be valid for six months after your return. Check with your local embassy or consulate for information relating to your nationality before purchasing tickets however.

CLIMATE: Malaysia has a distinct equatorial climate with various maritime influences.  The area has two monsoon periods as a result of which there is no real dry season. It is summer, hot and wet virtually all the year round. On the other hand, the water is at an almost constant temperature, between 26 and 29°C.

 Malaysia is a country which is quite safe from a health point of view. Beware of sunburn and particularly mosquitoes. There are no major problems with malaria, as the occurrence of it is limited to a few remote inland areas.


Charter Destinations in the Malaysia:

A2A Yachting offers around 150 sailing yachts and a small number of catamarans as well as a limited number of motor boats and crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Langkawi region of Malaysia in Andaman Sea.

About Langkawi:
Almost 100 islands and islets grouped around the main island of Langkawi, off the north-west coast of Malaysia make up Langkawi Archipelago.  This is a natural paradise, unique in not only in South-East Asia but worldwide.  Thanks to its geological history dating back more than half a billion years. officials at UNESCO declared Langkawi a �Geopark�,in 2007.

During your charter, you will discover many locations  with a unique surroundings. From mangrove swamps to fabulous beaches, surrounded by warm, emerald-green waters all the year round.  The nature here is incredible, especially the birds. You only need to throw a bit off your lunch into the air to view a sea eagle diving onto it. Impressive, and fabulous experience!!
Butang islet, Ko Rawi, Ko Adang, Kilim Natural Park are some of the few locations you will be calling in when heading to Langkawi.

Weather conditions in Langkawi, Malaysia:
Malaysia is a true paradise for sailors. Warm climate all the year round, offers two distinct periods:
1. The North-Easterly monsoon (winter monsoon): It dominates from November to February, and brings rain to the East coast of the peninsula and to the coastal regions of Sabah and Sarawak. It also waters the centre and the west coast, but in a less abundant way.
2. The South-Westerly monsoon (summer monsoon): It dominates from August to November, and sweeps the West coast offering less rain then the winter monsoon on the East coast. The ideal thing is to sail at Langkawi between November and April, as the prevailing North-East winds (bet-ween 5 – 20 knots), are more favourable.

Cruising ground: Romantic anchorages can be found here everywhere.  Beaches are usually sprayed with white sand, and swimming and snorkelling while surrounded by friendly fish is possible almost everywhere.  Distances between anchorages are very small which is encouraging you to discover new islands and islets. In these conditions, it is impossible not to find the anchorage or the island of your dreams almost on a daily basis.

If you want to go to Malaysia between May and October, you can also sail on the South-East coast at Tioman. This is also an exceptional destination for those seeking isolation, relaxation, peace and tranquillity.


A2A Yachting – Madagascar Yacht Charter provides Bareboat, Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans,  and sailboats. Yachts are available in the North of the island in Nosy Be area only.

A2A Yachting offers around 5 sailing yachts, and 2 catamarans for bareboat and skippered yacht charters in the Madagascar region.

About Yacht charters in Madagascar:
After Pacific and Atlantic, Indian Ocean represents the biggest water surface on the planet.  Madagascar, still largely undiscovered, is one of the most remote and difficult to access sailing areas in the region as well as in the world. Known for its notoriously difficult roads, if you would like to discover this friendly nation, doing it on a sailing boat is the way to do so.  Plan for a longer term yacht charter as short term access is not the best way to explore the country.

In the Madagascar, current yacht charter destinations are:
1. Nosy Be


A2A Yachting – Indonesia Yacht Charter provides Luxury Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts and mega yachts. Yachts are available across  Indonesia, but mainly in the BALI region. On special request, yachts can be provided in other regions too.

A2A Yachting offers around 5 luxury sailing yachts, 2 catamarans and a small number of luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Indonesian waters, mainly around the luxury resort of BALI.

About Yacht charter in Indonesia:
The yacht charters in Indonesia are the latest offer on our books. Visiting the authentic Asia around the luxury yet mythical Bali, the Volcano of Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Nusa Penida or Gili Islands you will discover the best local treasures that include best white sandy beaches in this world, turquoise blue waters that surrounds it and very rich underwater fauna and flora, perfect for snorkelling or diving enthusiasts who prefer to dip in near the quite fisherman villages.

Most of the charters here are either luxury crewed cruises on board of traditional sailing yachts or luxury super yachts. Alternatively, we can offer a cabini charter on board of a crewed 60′ sailing catamaran with prices starting from only 1,200 Eur/week per person.

Current yacht charter destinations in Indonesia are:
1. Indonesia / Bali
2. Nusa Penida
3. Gili Island
4. Lombok Island