Summer sailing and yacht charter holiday in the Caribbean!?

We are often asked if sailing in the Caribbean is inviting, safe, good value and recommendable during summer months. For those who are contemplating such an adventure, we can only say make your own research, get our advice and plan it carefully. Sailing in the Mediterranean in the summer is and will remain our top recommendation for sure. Despite huge price differences, lack of wind in some locations or to some extent cold seas suitable for relaxed swimming, the Med is simply said a spectacular place to spend a summer yachting vacation. From numerous Greek Islands, across the enchanting Adriatic, historical Turkish coastline or prestige of Cote d’Azur, Italian Riviera and the Balearics, everywhere you go, the chances are you will have an amazing sailing adventure and a yachting holiday full of experiences.

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Island hoping in Croatia – which are the best ones!

When it comes to yachting vacation in Croatia or Adriatic in general, the choice for a regular weekly or fortnightly sailing, in particular non powerboat cruise, is quite large.

One can choose from a huge number of marinas and itineraries in Zadar, Sibenik and Split region alone, where 500 islands and islets are found within 50nm radius (Zadar archipelago) or where circumnavigating one island (Korcula, Vis, Hvar or Brac within Split archipelago) can be a one week sailing cruise on its own. However, if you embark on a longer term or one way sailing yacht charter starting in Dubrovnik and ending in Istria for example, you can indeed choose some of the best islands for any type of occasion, adventure or holiday.

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Once your seaway takes you to the South of Adriatic, it will be a shame not to step from your luxury yacht and explore the Pearl of Adriatic –The city of Dubrovnik. What is so special about Dubrovnik? In this article I will lead you through this medieval city and its cultural attractions.

Old town is an excellent mix of old buildings, narrow streets, cafés, shops and visitors from all over the world, including many keen sailors and those seeking an exclusive yachting experience in the Adriatic. The old town’s city centre is traffic free, and is of a great size to walk through its history in just one day. First of all, there is something untouchable about Dubrovnik’s history. First known inhabitants of the Dubrovnik region were Romans, who were mainly populating the area near today’s Cavtat , which at the time was a Roman colony called Epidaurum.

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