Cape Verde Yacht Charter

CAPE VERDE Yacht Charter Destinations:

A2A Yachting offers 5 sailing yachts, 3 catamarans, 1 motor boat and at times a number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the CAPE VERDE islands.  One way charter, 10 day charter, cabin charter and long term special offers are available on a regular basis.

About yacht charter in the CAPE VERDE:
CAPE VERDE are absolutely the TOP SECRET location amongst the sailors.  Only 750NM south from Canaries and few hours flights from the heart of Europe, these islands offer Caribbean sun throughout the year.  Choose from one of the sailing yachts from 43-51” or a small number of sailing catamarans for your next unforgettable charter.

The usual sailing ground on Cape Verde is around the island of Sao Vicente although on longer term charters you can also explore other islands. Delivery of yachts to Sal near the international airport can also be arranged.  In 2012 a major international regatta will hit the shores of the islands and individual berths, cabins, boats are invited to register their entry now !!

In the Cape Verde yacht charter destinations are:
1. Sao Vicente, Marina Mindelo, Club Nautico

Cape Verde carnival takes place every year in February. A fest of music, dance and showcase of a relaxing way of life is certainly one of the highlight events on these beautiful Atlantic islands.

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