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In both cases, these yacht charter holidays are both full of experiences and very affordable when comparing it directly with bareboat or regular crewed yacht charter. The yachts on offer, for both cabin and luxury cabin charter typically have between 4 and 10 cabins, which provides much more privacy and exclusivity than a cruise ship can.

Most of the time the cabin yacht charter holiday experiences are organised on board of 45 to 82-foot sailing catamarans.  This is in particular the case for luxury cabin charter as basic cabin charter can often be organised on a sailing yacht as well. In terms of sailing catamarans, their shallow draft means you can sail into almost all private anchorages and special snorkelling locations where almost no larger boats can come close to. This is often and by far the most exciting and memorable as well as requested experience oncabin charters indeed.  The intimacy, privacy and exclusivity are best achieved in a secluded bay allowing you and other guests on board, with who you could often become a lifetime friend, to enjoy the best of sailing vacations there are, while exploring unspoiled lagoons, pristine beaches, national parks and unique reefs all teeming with sea life.

Some of the most popular cabin charter destinations are certainly in the Caribbean, between Virgin Islands and Leeward and Windward archipelago.  In Indian Ocean you can best cruise around Mauritius and Maldives for example.  In Pacific, best offers are in Tahiti while in the Mediterranean such cruises are offered on a limited basis, with most of them being organised on Gullets.  One of the newest and most exclusive locations for luxury cabin charter is the cruise in the Indonesia’s Island Paradise of Bali. The most beautiful of around 13,000 of Islands that comprise Indonesia, the Land of the Gods as it is known, is a true jewel.  With the neighbouring sister island Lombok usually en route, you can explore the best of beaches in flawless turquoise waters which are teeming with manta rays, giant ocean fish called Mola Mola), numerous sea turtles, uniquely colourful clownfish, and almost every tropical species available on this planet. Please enquire!

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