Chrater a luxury Itama 75 around Amalfi coast in Italy!

You can now charter an exceptional Itama 75 out of Naples.
With 3 guest cabins and professional crew of 2, she is ready to accommodate discerning travellers on their exploration of billionaire island of Capri and other stunning sailing destinations around the famous Amalfi coast.

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Free SeaBob F5 if you book Lagoon 560 S2 charter in Croatia!

Should you wish to escape Polar Vortex in the USA or cold weather in the Europe this week, you will for sure consider booking one of the many yachts based in the Caribbean and head on a lastminute yacht charter adventure this week already.  However, in case you are only able to plan your sailing vacation for the new summer season, look no further than here… Read More


A2A Yachting – Yacht Charter Worldwide provides Bareboat, Crewed,  Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing and motor boats.
Yachts are available across the Whitsunday’s with Abel Point Marina in Airlie Beach being the main embarkation port.

A2A Yachting offers around 50 sailing yachts, 15 catamarans, 5 motor boats and a smaller number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Whitsundays area of Australian Pacific

About Whitsunday Yacht Charter:
This area of outstanding natural beauty with a fabulous archipelago of 70+ magnificent islands, located 500NM North of Brisbane and 380NM South from Cairns, is the perfect sailing area. Here you can experience not only an adventurous itinerary or a casual and relaxing cruise, but also Airlie Beach Race week and Hamilton Island Race Week during August.  About 13.000 large humpback whales are stationed here from July – September too, with dozens of them frolicking around the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The tropical islands, surrounded by coral reefs and white sand beaches are protected by outer Great Barrier Reef from large ocean swells, offering great number of secure anchorages and safe cruising grounds for beginners as well as experience yachtsmen alike. Most overnight stops are within 2h sailing of each other and coupled with half a dozen of resorts, most of which welcome visiting yachts, you are set for a perfect charter just by arriving here.

In the Pacific Ocean, current destinations are:
1. Cid Harbour
2. Hamilton (Carnival during August)
3. Airlie Beach


A2A Yachting – Yacht Charter Worldwide provides Bareboat, Crewed,  Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing and motor boats.
Yachts are available across the Pacific, with Tahiti, New Caledonia and Whitsunday’s being the main destinations.

A2A Yachting offers around 10 sailing yachts, 20 catamarans, 2 motor boats and a smaller number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the Pacific Ocean and French Polynesia.

About Tahiti and Pacific Ocean:

Extending approximately 15,500 kilometres (9,600 mi) from the Bering Sea in the Arctic to the icy margins of Antarctica’s Ross Sea in the south (although the Antarctic regions of the Pacific are sometimes described as part of the circumpolar Southern Ocean), the Pacific reaches its greatest east-west width at about 5°N latitude, where it stretches approximately 19,800 kilometres (12,300 mi) from Indonesia to the coast of Colombia and Peru – halfway across the world. The western limit of the ocean is often placed at the Strait of Malacca. The lowest point on earth—the Mariana Trench—lies 10,911 metres (35,797 ft) below sea level. Its average depth is 4,280 metres (14,000 ft)).

Cruising locations in the Tahiti:
The most important and visited islands of Tahiti are especially those in the Leeward Islands of the Society Archipelago.  These are of course the following:
1. The famous Bora-Bora,
2. The majestically beautiful Raiatea,
3. The sacred one Taha’a and
4. The so called vanilla island or Huahine,


A2A Yachting – Yacht Charter Worldwide provides Bareboat, Crewed,  Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans,  sailing and motor boats.  Yachts are available out of the capital Noumea with one way charters towards Koumac, Loyalty Islands or Iles des Pins on request.

A2A Yachting offers around 8 sailing yachts, 4 catamarans, 2 motor boats and on request a small number of luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in NEW Caledonia.

About NEW Caledonia:

New Caledonia is one of the most remote sailing destinations.  The pacific itself is off the radar for many a yacht charter client and 500nm off the Australian coast is as far as most can only dream of to go. Nouvelle Calédonie as it is called locally is a destination of . Marina de Port Moselle is the usual home port, although remote locations such as Iles des Pins, Loyalty Islands or even Koumac can accommodate crew who wish to embark there.  One way charters are offered on certain occasions and sailing résumé’s with good experience are required for bareboat charters.

In the Pacific Ocean, current destinations are:
1. New Caledonia – Noumea
4. Iles des Pins
3. Loyalty Islands
4. Koumac


A2A Yachting – Mexico  Yacht Charter provides Bareboat, Crewed, Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing and motor boats. Yachts are available in La Paz as well as Cancun and one way charters between the two yacht charter bases can be arranged.

A2A Yachting – Mexico Yacht Charter offers 4 sailing catamarans, and a small number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in MEXICO. One way charter, 10 day charter, cabin charter and long term special yacht charter offers are available on a regular basis.

About yacht charter in MEXICO:

Mexico is situated in the Western Caribbean, North of Belize and South from USA. Yacht Charter here is mainly offered out of Cancun region (luxury crewed sailing holidays towards the border of Belize or San Pedro)( or in California / Mexico’s Baja Peninsula) out of La Paz, where mainly bareboat yacht charters are offered.

Called the Pearl of Mexico, the yacht charter base will open in October 2014. First discovered by Sebastian Vizcaino, a Spanish conquistador in 1548, many writers, explorers, movie makers and artists keep coming to this spectacular bay. Now, the time has come for you to embark on your next yacht charter adventure. The exclusive Costa Baja resort offers a range of high quality, well maintained Lagoon sailing catamarans, Dufour sailing yachts and Robertson & Caine power catamarans. An odd luxury crewed yacht and Sunseeker motor yacht can be chartered as well. You can also do one way yacht charters if your time is limited during your stay in Mexico, and depending on your requirements we could make this possible under circumstances.

In Mexico, yacht charter destinations are:
1. La Paz,
2. Cancun.


A2A Yachting – Yacht Charter Worldwide provides Bareboat, Crewed,  Skippered and Cabin yacht charter on catamarans, custom built super yachts, mega yachts, sailing and motor boats.
Yachts are available across Anacortes archipelago, starting out of Fidalgo Island as well as further North in the Desolation Sound, Canada or even Alaska.

A2A Yachting offers around 15 sailing yachts, 2 catamarans, 20 motor boats and a smaller number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charters in the Pacific Northwest and Anacortes. 

About yacht charter in Anacortes:

If you are sailing in Anacortes, you will have a chance to explore 170 islands of  San Juan County in the US Washington State with hundreds more on the Canadian side. With the yacht charter base located on Fidalgo Island ca. 70nm north of Seattle, you’re an easy sail away from the many secluded coves and quaint seaside towns along the regular sailing itinerary.  As with any genuine sailing adventure, here you can enjoy lively harbour life with restaurants and bespoke shopping during the day, while enjoying the afternoon and sunset in a a quiet anchorage .

In the Anacortes, current yacht charter destinations are:
1. Anacortes
2. Desolation Sound Marine Park (Canada)
3. Alaska


About yacht charter in Turkey and Marmaris:
The amazing Turkish Aegean coast and the friendliness of local people, regardless if you have been here or not, are likely to impress you.   On a typical sailing itinerary you are likely to discover many anchorages, ancient cities, theatres and ruins, as well as secluded swimming bays and other hidden pleasures. Thanks to lack of almost any heavy industry here, the natural environment remains untouched and is full of diversity, making it a perfect ground for sailors.  This is especially true in terms  of Lycian coastline. With this in mind, you can relax and devote your time to sailing, swimming, snorkelling and enjoying the surroundings that are likely to make your sailing holiday a wonderful experience.

About Marmaris:
Marmaris is located in a wonderful location at the top head of a marvelous land-locked bay. Apart from being a major sailing and yachting centre, it is also a major resort town with countless restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.  The water in most parts surrounding the region is very clear and perfect for snorkelling. In most of the smaller bays which have restaurants run by the locals, rickety old jetty’s are built to offer mooring to the passing yachts.

The supermarket in the Marina is no dearer than other shops although the range of goods on offer is not that great. There are two provision stores just over the bridge on leaving the marina, both of which deliver to your yacht at the marina without charge. (You hitch a ride on the back of their scooter!) The best chandlery is also just over the bridge on the right. You can also sometimes buy fresh fish there too.

There is a large number of restaurants in the area and most are within walking distance.  You can head to Neighbours or Caria both of which are nearby the bridge as you leave the marina towards Marmaris Town.   Another two are La Campana, on the first floor of the building on the left just as you are leaving the marina or Pineapple restaurant.

Weather & Sailing Conditions:
During the peak of charter season, between June and September, for most of the time the skies are blue and the waters are warm. In midsummer, boating enthusiasts are best placed to enjoy glorious sunsets and long evenings or parties on deck, while gentle breeze is likely to refresh your  mind for good. The Lycian Coast of Turkey boasts superb sailing conditions with calm waters and favorable westerly winds blowing at about 15 knots. June, July and August are of course the hottest months. May and September are slightly cooler and quieter and April and October still offering 8 to 9 hours of sunshine a day, with the opportunity for walking and exploring as well as cruising.  In some locations such as at the exit of Marmaris Bay the waters can be choppy and at times outright dangerous so do pay attention even by good weather.

Infrastructure: Thanks to this fabulous and stunning coastline, which is dotted with hundred of coves and bays, and endless historical heritage and culture to explore, Turkey has an undeniable charm and intrigue.  On top of that sailors will find clean and well equipped marinas with supermarkets usually close by.  Numerous jetty’s and anchorages exist as well.  Replacement parts and yachts are readily available and base managers act promptly when there is a problem.  If you wish to visit Greek Islands though, you need to be aware of additional costs as well as the issue with Turkish staff visiting Greece and requiring a Visa.


Charter Destinations in Turkey:

A2A Yachting offers around 600 sailing yachts, 50 catamarans, 10 motor boats and a large number of crewed sailing, gullets or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in many destinations across Greece.

About Yacht charter in Turkey:

One of the most favourite sailing destinations, in particular in terms of crewed gulet charter is certainly Turkey.  The Aegean coast is long and varied, several sailing itineraries are available and access to Greece is also possible.  The choice of yachts here is great and t his is in particular true in relation to sailing yachts and catamarans. Antalya is not well covered by for luxury yacht charters we can deliver the boats from as far as Western Mediterranean.  Apart from wonderful and varied coastline there is so much to see on shore, so that daily excursions are a must.  Gullet or bareboat yacht charter in Turkey is therefore the best way to explore the country and we will be looking forward to your enquiry.

Yacht charter destinations in Turkey are:
1. Bodrum including Gulf of Gokova
2. Marmaris and nearby Orhaniye and Keci Buku
3. Gocek and nearby  Fethiye
5. Antalya